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Feb 7, 2013

Thu 8:00 PM

The Stanhope House 45 Main Street Stanhope New ...
Stanhope, NJ 



  • Ballyhoo!
  • Universal Rebel



Ballyhoo! Featuring
Universal Rebel
Citrus Distress
Survey Says
Imperfect Paradise


Ballyhoo!: BALLYHOO! is undeniably turning the world of music upside down and sideways as they blur the lines between rock, reggae, punk and pop to craft their own hybrid of music that can’t be held down to one definitive genre. This signature sound of theirs is one they have been perfecting since their high school days in Aberdeen, Maryland - the sweet melodic voice of lead singer and guitarist Howi Spangler; the hard hitting beats set forth by brother and drummer Donald “Big D” Spangler; the skillfully added funk of bassist JR “Mista J” Gregory and Scott Vandrey (aka DJ Blaze) rounds it out on the turntables and keys.

BALLYHOO!’s unique sound, hardcore devotion to the road and to their fans, partnered with their irresistible “life of the party” approach have pitched them into the position of America’s favorite feel good party band. They didn’t get here by accident; rather, they had been single- handedly growing their empire through unparalleled hard work and dedication until Jan 2011, when they got a well-deserved nod from LAW Records and were signed to the Hawaii-based independent record label. PEPPER, the dub rock music mega-sensation and owner of LAW Records, says of their newest addition, “HavingBallyhoo! join the LAW Records family is a perfect fit. They are an incredibly talented band with a really catchy style”. Now, with the backing of LAW, 2011 promises to be a paramount year on BALLYHOO!’s trajectory destined for greatness!

BALLYHOO! has toured the country with some of the biggest and most respected names in the reggae rock genre – 311, AUTHORITY ZERO, PEPPER, THE SUPERVILLAINS. “It’s always intimidating when playing for another band’s crowd, you never know how they’re gonna react,” explains front man Howi, “but then you see that they’re enjoying it and the worry goes away. You’re free to rock at that point!”. BALLYHOO! will start their tour of the southeast with fellow label mates IRATION in February 2011. Their rigorous, nonstop nationwide touring schedule has certainly been thecatalyst for the exponential growth in their fan base. BALLYHOO! fans are some of the most loyal and enthusiastic fans out there and their love for the band runs deep.

In 2006, BALLYHOO! released Do It For The Money! which “opened a lot of doors for us and spread like wildfire in the underground” says Howi. Their follow up album, Cheers!, was released in May of 2009 and was an opportunity to work with 311’s Scotch Ralston as the producer. In addition, BALLYHOO!’s stellar rendition of “40 Oz. To Freedom” is featured on the compilation album, Forever Free: A Tribute to Sublime, and helped stimulate a surge in their popularity. Fans can also hear their songs on the Rock Band Network and in feature films.

BALLYHOO! currently has a single out on iTunes (“The Front Porch”) and when they aren’t on the road, they are in the studio, finishing their new album, which is slated for release on LAW Records in the summer of 2011.

Steve Roeser -


Universal Rebel: UNIVERSAL REBEL… Progressing Humanity Thru the Arts. (Sounds like Bob Marley, Common, & Phish) 

Universal Rebel (UR) is an ORGANIC HIPHOP COLLECTIVE based out of North Jersey. UR is what you get when you take Bob Marley’s brand of REBEL MUSIC, mixed with the conscious lyricism of COMMON, with the musical experimentation of PHISH; a style UR has titled “HipHop Dub/Luv”. The band’s frontman, ADEO, formerly of the group RAINation, was the featured opening act for such legends as Kanye West, The Black Eye Peas, The Roots, Wyclef Jean, Talib Kweli, Common, Robert Randolph, Jimmy Cliff, Julian Marley, and an array of other artists. Now Adeo & his band of rebels have brought their delicious beats and conscious lyrics together to bring your soul and mind a gift.

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